Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Water conservation is important, is the landscaped garden environmentally friendly in this way?

A: Yes, at Amanzi Landscapes we are very conscious about water conservation. We can install bladder tanks or water tanks for water storage we incorporate garden design with water system design for maximum water savings.

Beautiful Landscaped Garden

Q: I want a beautifully landscaped garden but I don't want to be stuck at home doing garden maintenance. How can I have both?

A: Mulching is a way of suppressing weeds and it adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil through its gradual breakdown. You could limit the area of turf you have and instead have landscaped gardens or paving. Using water conserving plants and grouping them together wisely is also a great idea along with installing an automatic irrigation system. Rock gardens are a favourite for low maintenance gardens.

Garden Lighting

Q: Should I install garden lighting?

A: Lightscaping will enhance the beauty of your landscaped gardens. It is also excellent for security reasons.

Water Features

Q: I want a water feature but am unsure what is available to me?

A: Water features come in many different shapes, types and sizes. You have many choices and here we list a few:

  • Fish or koi pond
  • Rock or garden pond
  • Waterfalls and water walls
  • Ornamental fountain

As you can see there is water feature for every garden type. Amanzi Landscapes will help you design and construct the water feature that suites your garden needs.

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